Mint Advies
Blijvend innoveren is een must voor een onderneming of (publieke) instelling om succesvol te zijn in onze sterk veranderende wereld. Mint Advies faciliteert en ondersteunt dit innovatieproces, waardoor u uw ambities kunt bepalen.

Energy Floors
To create personal experiences where sustainability and modern habits are combined.
To inspire (young) people worldwide to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

Stichting Platform Mobile Messaging
Up to date information on Cell Broadcast, the new mobile service in the Netherlands enablingto receive public and private location based information services on cellular telephones

The cell broadcast company

NL-Alert is het alarmmiddel van de overheid voor op de mobiele telefoon. 

Lemnis Lighting
Lemnis Lighting is a Dutch Limited Liability Corporation built around the mission of promoting clean solid state lighting technology - environmentally sustainable solutions that significantly reduce our carbon footprint on the planet.

The capital investor and co-founder of Lemnis Lighting